Owners Manual / Warranty

Owner's Manual And Warranty Conditions


Welcome to the Stingray Family and congratulations on the purchase of your new Stingray inflatable boat.

Before your boat left our factory, it was thoroughly checked to ensure that both materials and workmanship were of top quality. We consequently have no doubt your boat will give many years of good service.

Please read this booklet carefully and make sure that you follow its instructions to ensure that your boat lives up to your expectations. Failure to follow these instructions may render our warranty useless.

Periodical Maintenance, Onspection And Servicing Chart

Transom Inspect for cracks
Keel Structure Inspect for puncture/leaks
Floor Boards Inspect for cracks
Life Line Check for parts coming loose, and glue
Handles Inspect for parts coming loose and glue
Rubbing Strake Inspect for parts coming loose and glue
Keel Rubber Protection Inspect for part coming loose and glue
Seams Inspect all seams and glue if necessary
Material Floor Inspect for places coming loose/tears/wear and tear/ Abrasion (especially under keel structure) glue where necessary
Inflation Valves Tighten/Inspect for dirt and clean
Hijackers Inspect for parts coming loose and glue/Remove all sand inside
General Wash boat regularly with fresh water after use/Hose down all sand from inside/in case of petrol/oil spillage, hose down with fresh water. Should boat be left in the sun, release a fair amount of air to maintain stable pontoon pressure. Use weak sunlight liquid solution or any similar agent to remove marks.

New Inflatable Boat Warranty

Each boat comes with a 3 year structural GRP warranty. The pontoons have a 5 year warranty-conditions apply.

The Manufacturer hereby warrants that the Stingray Inflatable Boat sold herewith was thoroughly inspected at our factory and found to be of excellent quality. The Manufacturer hereby warrants that the materials and workmanship are without defect and that, should the Purchaser prove any defective materials or workmanship within 12 (twelve) months of purchase, the manufacturer will correct such defects within a reasonable period.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  • That the boat is assembled and treated in accordance with the instructions contained herein.
  • That the manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage due to abuse and/or failure to follow the instructions contained herein. The warranty does not cover consequential damaged.
  • That the boat is not used for racing or commercial purposes. That the boat is not operated with engines that exceed the HP rating for the specific model.
  • Defective pontoons will be replacement done at the Stingray factory in accordance with the following formula. Year 2 – 30% discount Year 3 – 20% discount Year 4 – 10% discount Year 5 – 5 % discount.

Please Note:

  1. The above warranty is not transferable from the original Purchaser.
  2. Repairs provided for in this warranty will be undertaken at the manufacturers factory or at a workshop specifically appointed for this purpose by the manufacturer.
  3. All goods and services supplied by Stingray Marine are ex works, all transport packing and insurance is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and is for the purchasers account.
  4. The Purchaser must deliver his boat to and fetch from the workshop at his expense.
  5. This warranty does not cover accidental tearing or other damage due to contact with sharp rocks or other sharp articles or instruments, neither does it cover accessories such as valves, pumps, ropes, eye-rings, floorboards, keel structures and plugs due to mishandling.
  6. Hypalon (material only) carries a 5 year warranty for normal use. Panatex (material only) carries a 3 year warranty for normal use. Please note that Panatex is not classed fuel resistant.
  7. Abuse and normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty.
  8. Pontoons that are operated whilst not properly inflated will not be covered by the warranty.
  9. Damage resulting from over inflation of pontoons will not be covered by the warranty.
  10. The repair cost for exported boats will be based on South African labor rates.
  11. Claims must be approved in writing by Stingray Marine.

Weight Distribution On Boat

Your boat has been designed to carry the maximum amount of persons as listed on the hull identification plate.

Care must be shown at all times to ensure that all loads carried on the boat must be evenly distributed.

Failure to ensure correct load distribution may lead to a drop in optimal performance or capsizing of the boat.

Harmful Chemicals

Care must be taken at all times that harmful chemicals such as oil,petrol and battery acid does not come into contact with parts of the boat that may be damaged.

The pontoons of the boat may have its lifespan and safety reduced by the application of harmful chemicals.

If chemicals are applied to the pontoon then they should immediately be flushed with fresh water and checked by your nearest Stingray dealer for damage at the earliest opportunity.

Natural Hazards

It is the operator of the boats responsibility to ensure that the boat is used in the correct manner.

Correct operation includes ensuring that the operating environment and conditions are conducive to safety, always obtain updated weather reports and check safety equipment before venturing out on your journey.


To repair and care for your boat

We fully realize that our boats are often submitted to the harshest of treatment. Our boats are made to withstand this sort of handling. However, it must be borne in mind that no matter how strong the material of which an inflatable boat is made of, it will be cut by sharp instruments and rocks. In fact, even a fibreglass boat can be damaged by rocks and floating debris. When the boat is not in use do not store in the sun. The boat must be stored in a dry and cool undercover facility. Do not store in a hot metal shed, storage facility with metal roof or hot store with inadequate ventilation.

Take care not to over inflate the boat. This will lead to material failure. When the boat is pumped to full pressure in a cool environment and is taken into the sun the air will expand and you must release the pressure. When the boat is at sea level and then transported to higher areas the air will also expand and pressure must be released.

Also take care not to operate the boat when it is under inflated. This will damage the cone section at the back due to cycling.

The operating pressure of the boats are:

  • 400mm diameter pontoon 0.25 bar.
  • 460mm diameter pontoon 0.23 bar
  • 500mm diameter pontoon 0.20 bar
  • Keel and hijackers 0.30 bar

Repair Instructions - Hypalon

  1. Clean area with clean rag and acetone.
  2. Sandpaper affected surface with P60 sandpaper.
  3. Apply thin first coat of adhesive to both surfaces and allow to dry completely.
  4. Apply second coat and bond when tacky.
  5. Apply pressure gradually on material and rub patch firmly with smooth object to improve bond.
  6. Leave 3-4 hours before use.
  7. Keep tin closed.

Repair Instructions - Panatex

  1. Clean area with clean rag and acetone.
  2. Apply thin first coat of adhesive to both surfaces and allow to dry completely.
  3. Apply second coat and bond when tacky.
  4. Apply pressure gradually on material and rub patch firmly with smooth object to improve bond.
  5. Leave for 3-4 hours.
  6. Keep tin closed.

*Please note that specifications as provided in these pages are subject to change without notice

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